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BL Glow Skin

White Quartz Crystal Face Roller

White Quartz Crystal Face Roller

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The White Quartz Crystal Face Roller is made from authentic white quartz crystal. White quartz crystal is known to bring mental clarity. It helps to unlock memory potential and assist in memory. In addition, White Quartz Crystal balances body and soul, relieves stress, which in turn restores healthy skin.

The Face Roller helps to: 
✨Improve lymphatic and blood circulation
✨Relieve wrinkles and fine lines
✨Cool and soothe skin
✨ Improve skin elasticity
✨Distribute facial oil evenly on skin and facilitate the absorption

Directions to Use: Wash the face roller with clean water prior to use. Roll on cheek and eyes area to reduce swelling and wrinkle. Best to pair it up with any Facial & Body Oil for better rolling experience. Avoid exerting excessive force when rolling, as it will cause more wrinkles and fine lines, rather than reducing it. Avoid rolling on open wound skin area, eczema/psoriasis/skin rash/acne active skin area.


Sulfate Free

Mineral Oil

FreeNatural and pure ingredients

Not made with synthetic oils

Made with Natural fragrances




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