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I am the founder of this small company; I am a visionary and a role model. I am a fighting woman who shows that everything is possible, I always say to myself and I wonder: would you dare to dream? Well, yes, with it I have the courage and the guts to pursue it. I am a woman, innovator of the world, as well as being a wife, mother and a loyal friend of many. I do all this with charisma, good humor and exquisite style. I have a passion for beauty and I totally believe in its power.

I started thinking about bringing it to life and starting my dreams with 7 skin care products to start, always thinking that any woman can be beautiful. Based on this philosophy, combined with perseverance, creativity and passion.

Brenda Lopez is my birth name. I was born and raised in Carolinas, Puerto Rico, then I moved to Indiana where my interest in beauty was sparked when I was in Beauty school (Canela) then I started to take care of my skin with natural foods and to create my own creams to take care of my skin, so I created soft moisturizers, first in the kitchen and then in a laboratory, that is confidential. Thanks to my husband and daughters, I not only learned how to prepare wonderful creams, but also how to apply them to the faces of women since they let me practice on their skins as well as mine, to see that it was good for all.

In the middle of 2019 was when I made the decision to release the creams in a pilot project which went very well to my surprise. Until those people who believed in my products for the first time contacted me and made their second purchase, letting me know what they want and the good results they had when using them.

I started selling skin care products in my beauty salon where I have a small spa. Giving demonstrations to the women who come and while they are waiting sitting under the hair dryers or waiting for some service, I take advantage and give them samples of products to take home. And thanks to that they returned for the purchase of the product.

2019, finally officially presented the line of products through IG making my little stories, which people took an interest in. 95 products sold in 72 hours. Do you know what caught everyone’s attention? Well, I answer my age because my skin is beautiful as everyone says and I look much younger.